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Gustavo Nascimento

Gustavo Nascimento

Gustavo Nascimento is a feature film and television producer with over 15 years of venture capital and investment management experience, primarily within software-as-a-service. He has successfully applied his go-to-market expertise from the technology sector to the realm of entertainment, and is actively involved in shaping Wild7Films' production calendar and film slate, while simultaneously focusing on community building and branding initiatives for the company.

Gustavo's venture into film investments began with his role as an Executive Producer in the 2021 film "I Love Us," directed by Danny Abeckaser and featuring acclaimed actors such as Robert Davi, James Madeo, and Jasper Polish. Building on this success, he took on his next significant project, "The Gemini Lounge," scheduled for release in 2023. This thrilling film stars Lucy Hale and Emile Hirsch, further solidifying Gustavo's growing reputation for working with top talent in the industry. 

While these milestones are more recent, his journey in production actually stretches back to 2011, where he contributed to notable films like “The Killer Inside Me”, "Spring Breakers", and "Harry Potter 7 Parts 1 and 2." Gustavo has always enjoyed bringing operational excellence to the sets and production offices he was privileged enough to collaborate on, even as an intern! 

Alongside his role as a Producer at Wild7Films, Gustavo Nascimento also takes on leadership responsibilities at HubSpot, showcasing his versatile skill set and dedication to both the entertainment and technology sectors.